Welcome to Tian He Tea  and Healing Arts

Over the last 15 years, we have collaborated with many people to help improve their well-being on their path to love and self-care.


The following are some of the reasons people have called us about

Lack of energy

Emotional well being


Dealing with stress

Pain relief 



Fine Teas 



Sports injury

Immune system 

Skin conditions

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How to Now 

The love of music and the joy it brings across all eras and time is where this began. The ongoing journey included influences and meetings with Origines and native American people. Sound led to meditation as a way to help transcend the many distractions, to raise the vibration which leads back to sound and frequency, in turn raising vibration and energy allows movement or shift, good health could be seen as energy vibrating in balance

Through learning, collaboration curiosity sound and humour the converged paths of those at THHA create a blueprint for combining safe and effective modes to help rebalance and align challenges of the mind, body and spirit leveraging wisdom from kinesiology, body and energy therapies, and study of Rife and other frequency modes and the functional safe application of higher voltage colloidal elements and of course the humble tea leaf.


Our Services

Explore what we offer and feel free to chat with no obligation, we are willing to listen

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Tea Ceremonies

We are tea lovers as well as merchants and only sell what we ourselves will consume. Our range is mostly from China with some special Taiwanese and is chemical free, wild harvested or organic artisan tea.

In our tea room we serve Gongfu style with smaller cups and pots however we also do tea bowl sessions outdoor or inside with the option for meditation .Tea is a great drink but is way more than just that to us.

Energy Sphere
Energy and frequency work

Delivering energy for health and happiness

All the elements at Thha come back to energy, either balanced,unbalanced,depleted or enhanced. The teas, minerals and devices all assist in realignment.

The Omni Pulse uses Pemf  to deliver voltage, the Rife and Telsa devices work frequency and subtle energy and all may help to maintain balance and well being or be one of the steps on the path to return to feeling good about yourself and surroundings.

Mineral Supplements

Colloidal Minerals and other items

The Global Pulse colloidal mineral range is one potential way to help in supplementing any form of depletion from stresses and exertion in daily life. Dehydration and depletion of minerals may be a causative factor in some modern ailments . Our range is made with a high voltage charge into distilled  then structured water for a nano particle outcome. This creates safe cellular level absorption potential with no capacity for toxicity as any excess delivery is excreted promptly.

Meet The Team

Kent has been with Tianhe for 12 years sharing a deep affinity with tea with all who wish to and helping direct the energy of the healing devices. He believes that all is energy, depletion and challenges are fundamentally a lack of energy in some form. So energy directed is energy balanced either by the Pemf. Rife or tesla techs or through fine tea and supplementing the colloidal mineral range. 

Kent is a musician, with 40 years service to sound; a developed understanding of tone, resonance and frequency and some of their place in the scheme of things.

Happiness humour and harmony help create the basis of a healthy existence and all of Tianhe's minerals, tea and technology are designed to assist that outcome

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From an early age, Michael has been interested in health and healing, studying a wide variety of modalities which led to discovering the many styles of Kinesiology.

Since then he has studied a variety including Touch for Health, energy and Applied Kinesiology, Kinergetics and Quantum Techniques.

Combining these techniques he has put together an elegant approach named Quantum Kinesiology.

Michael, a musician of 40 years, also has a strong appreciation of sound frequencies and resonance.

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