Bai Lin Gonfu Dried Tea Leaves

Bai Lin Gonfu


Available size: 10g, 25g, 50g


Bai Lin Gongfu black tea is a rare, hand-crafted tea producing a bold yet smooth brew. Our selected premium grade represents the best quality of Bai Lin from the provinceof Fujian, China. This is higher quality with golden and tender tea buds.


  • Tian He comments

    Bai Lin is a "gongfu" or "congou" tea which means that is made with disciplined skill (gongfu) to produce the thin tight strips of leaf without breaking the leaves.

    It has pleasing golden-orange pekoe on tender buds. It is also called as tangerine black. The clear liquor has a bright red color with a thick and smooth texture. It has a mellow aroma that is both rich and without any hard edge. The deep red colour and bouquet of rich aromas requires no added condiments and should impress just on its own.

    Bai Lin Gongfu has a history of 150 years, it is one of three famous Fujian Black gongfu teas, they are Zhenghe, Tanyang and Bailin. It is produced in the Bailin and Hulin in the area around Taimu mountian, Fuding.
    Since the 1850's tea merchants from Fujian and Guandong province collected roughly manufactured black tea from surrounding areas. Afterwards this tea went through a refinement process in Bailin to become Bailin Gongfu.
    This refinement process includes procedures such as screening, cutting, winnowing, re-baking, fanning (blow away dust) blending and packing.

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