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Colloidal Iron


The lacking of Iron is very common today due to the use of chemicals that deplete nutrients and minerals in our soils and the  losses associated with over processing of  food . This may cause a deficiency of Iron that could be a cause of a wide variety of degenerative diseases and illnesses.

Colloidal Iron assists the enzymes for digestion -metabaolism and reproduction when in it's correct balance. It may help in mood balance, wound  healing, reducing the craving for sugar and for diabetics to harmonise the functioin of the pancreas.  Acne, anemia and impotence are symptoms of the lack of iron. It is known it may to help infertility ,menstrual disorders memory loss and assist fighting infections.


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    Iron may be good for healthy blood cells and  to fortify muscles . Colloidal Iron may help to reduce the craving for sugar and  processed foods.

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