Colloidal Molybdenum Bottle Front View

Colloidal Molybdenum


Colloidal Molybdenum  is alluded to be an essential mineral for proper functioning of the kidneys, liver and enzyme activity. Co factored by magnesium, selenium and manganese. It may assist in the

stomach creating hydrochloric acid for processing food. Molybdenum

may be assistive for MS symptoms, asthma , allergies , acne and anemia, parasites and possibly hepatitis C and obesity. It is a vital

mineral for general well being and the breaking down of excess fats and

enzyme absorption. There is consideration in it's potenial that may assist the body to neutralise side effects of the injection of external toxins in the blood and tissue.

  • Highlights

    Molybdenum is a little know but very important element for wellbeing and digestive function in the modern world. High absorption ability in colloidal form.

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