Golden Turtle Package

Golden Turtle (Shui jin gui)


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One of the top four teas of Wuyi Mountain. Shui Jin Gui, which translates as Golden Turtle is a strong and rich tea. Golden Turtle has a distinct fruity taste and aroma. It has a strong fragrance and the finish lingers on the palette after every sip.  A true treasure!

  • Tianhe Comments

    According to Chinese legends, the Shui Jin Gui tea plant is the transmigration of a turtle god who after a thousand years of meditation and reaching godhood still felt a lack of contentment that his strenuous efforts as Heavens Tea Gardener often went unnoticed. Then one morning he woke to the sound of tea farmers celebrating happily their harvest of the first flush of tea leaves. Upon seeing this, the Turtle God realized he would be better appreciated as a tea plant, thus he gave up his immortality to become the Shui Jin Gui tea plant.

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