Kaizi's Coconut Oil Front View Jar

Kaizi's fermented coconut oil


A traditional Torres Straight Island product made from North Queensland coconuts using the fermentation process. Fully hand made this is real coconut oil with all the true benefits that cocnuts are rumoured to contain, just higher availability and absorption and subtle flavour profiles. Really until you try this you have never had coconut oil's benefits and energy.

  • Hightlights

    Chemical free hand made fermented coconut oil made in Australia. Lovely taste and supports original peoples traditions and knowledge.

“Waiver: Tian He Healing Arts uses experimental modalities and technology to assist in raising energy. All help is granted with care and compassion.Due to the experimental nature of the work no claims are made. The user assumes all risk and agrees to hold harmless and without fault anyone from Tian-he-healing-arts for any reason by the using of the equipment and modalities.”

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