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Sea Minerals


Why are minerals of such importance?

Minerals can help create a healthy environment in which the body, using vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, can grow, function and heal itself.

Lacking any minerals may lead to degenerative diseases of many kinds as well as a potential breakdown of the cell regeneration and growth process. This might then be part of nervous disorders, muscle damage, brain damage or loss of thirst. A deficiency of minerals has been traced to low energy,  dehydration, unnecessary aging, obesity, loss of memory, immune system dysfunction, fragile teeth and bones.

Some vitamins can only be made available to the body if minerals are present to work with. Vitamins alone may be ineffective in the absence of minerals. These Sea Minerals have been used to help with insomnia and in hydration support as well as possible excsema and skin irritaion relief.


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    A quick and easy to use product for potential energy boost and hydratrion support. Australian minerals , sourced from the Great Barrier Reef.

“Waiver: Tian He Healing Arts uses experimental modalities and technology to assist in raising energy. All help is granted with care and compassion.Due to the experimental nature of the work no claims are made. The user assumes all risk and agrees to hold harmless and without fault anyone from Tian-he-healing-arts for any reason by the using of the equipment and modalities.”

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