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Colloidal Zinc


Colloidal Zinc is thought to  aid in the proper assimilation of vitamins, normal growth and development, maintenance of body tissues and the methylation pathways. The  immune system and synthesis of DNA , wound healing and time both before and after surgery are other ways Zinc balance may help . Zinc could be  anti-bacterial, anti-viral  and may help prevent acne and regulate the activity of all glands. For men's health Zinc seems to help prostate gland function and the growth of the reproductive organs . Woman's skin and well being may be uplifted by correct zinc balance.  Seek medical testing advice to obtain current information.

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    Zinc is an assistive  mineral for both women's and  men's health, may act like a natural antibiotic and is good for the eyes. Athletes lose a  significant amount of zinc through perspiration and Zinc levels may also be  reduced by grains and wheat consumption.

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