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Hi All

The Damo the Musical Enmore  concert Lp is now available. Soon to be a blockbuster visual release also ,well for a few of you perhaps !

It’s been a long slow process, it was not easy as we wanted it to be the best it could within the limitations. Some of the songs you may have expected to be included were not for any number of reasons. The day was a celebration of Damien’s time here and the Rifles as well. It was however the hardest gig we ever played in review. Perhaps not as physically demanding even though Dave and myself were on for the whole show, emotionally it is obvious however ,mentally as well as we had to concentrate so hard. We  all know our songs and have the feel and spirit to be part of them. We are them. We showed up and the songs almost played themselves .

In the respect of the guests participating we had to focus on not messing up for their sake but following their way to sing them and be open to shift accordingly ,to keep it moving in a coherent direction, as it naturally  varied. They did a grand job of showing up at all and recalling the words on little or no rehearsal. I’m pretty sure i can speak for anyone who has played in the Celibate Rifles that there is nothing in life as physically demanding as being  part of a rifles gig. Certainly nothing I have found anyway , I could just be soft.  So adding that mental tension on top was a new level of intensity without the usual humour and piss-taking thrown in to break it up. Thanks for supporting us here to complete the journey.


How to Purchase

 Thanks again for getting your copy of the Album or albums on this page. In the spirit of analogue we offer you a manual purchase experience! We will be fulfilling your orders,  helps to keep our costs down for that sorta thing. So apologies for no slick digital payment process. Blame Kent.

1 Place the order.  We we will receive your order via an encrypted email address I set up for this purpose.

2 You will receive an email from the Celiesdtm@protonmail.com with the Rifles bank transfer details and a invoice for your purchase.

3 Once transfer is done we will post it out. If you prefer it or are not able to transfer advise so and i can phone you to arrange card or other payment. Transfer is the easiest. 

Music stuff

There are DTM LP’s, limited blue vinyl as well as black, Extract from the Fungus Lp’s and a live Rifles cd, Chasing Chocomel and Set Yourself Easy - my first solo album. Others will come and go.

If you want the live CD "Meet the Mexicans" email us. For links to other Rifles projects go to lanewaymusic.com.

The Enmore concert will be available soon for download. If you wish to be notified drop us a line so we can notify you.

Wearable Merch

For those whom wish a t-shirt  skooterapparel.com are doing some Rifles ones. We will try to get them to do the shirt from the Enmore, or something similar.