Tianhe Tea

All the tea from Tian he is without agrochemicals or poisons, giving a clean taste on the palate and q pure satisfied feeling in the body and spirit.


Our aim is to support and to encourage, smaller farmers or producers who practise sustainable farming and ethically care for the land to keep their sand then future generations of teas pure, clean and chemical-free in these spectacular areas of China and Taiwan.

In the tea room, we also serve a number of wild-harvested old tree teas. These are rare and, only available in small amounts for obvious reasons. Most tea is grown in plantations globally and volume is the driving factor. Thankfully this is slowly shifting globally, now.


We are grateful for our blessing to access and share such special tea. Our collection is what we consume and therefore what we serve.


We have our green tea farmer, Mr Zhou from Huangshan in China and his organic plantation in the pictures attached.

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Tea Bowl ceremonies



A ceremonial style of sharing tea in small groups either outside in a natural setting or in an indoor place in a non-formal or mediational setting.

Working with the tea and participants to feel and relax, go deep and have fun.


Gonfu Tea Ceremonies

In our private tea room we offer a wider variety of tea, some very rare, served Gongfu style. A lot of the teas are  in limited supply so are not sold on the site., however you can taste any tea you wish from the site before  purchasing in the tea room.   Come enjoy the experience and find out what exceptional teas are without having to find and buy them and wonder if they really are. We have done that work or had that luck and good fortune. We specialise in Wuyi oolongs , aged White ,Liu Bao and some old and single tree Pu’er and Red.


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A small range of Specialised Teas which includes White, Green and Jasmine, Oolong, Red and Pu’er, of the highest quality.

Tea House Range

Shui Jin Gui -Golden Turtle
One of four famous teas of Wuyi. Shui Jin Gui, which translates as Golden Turtle is a strong and rich long lasting tea with a subtle hint of a fruit aroma. The legend is, the Shui Jin Gui tea plant is the manifesting of a turtle god who heard the sound of tea farmers celebrating their harvest of the first flush of tea leaves. Upon seeing this the realised he would be better appreciated as a tea plant, thus he gave up his immortality to become the Shui Jin Gui tea plant
Da Hong Pau -Big Red Robe
We have 4 varieties in the tea room from 2008 till 2019 .Our main one is from 2010, second generation Big Red Robe. Tian He have access to this generation of Da Hong Pao from the garden below the 6 mother trees. This is a multi flavoured tea with hints of chestnut and honey that changes every round and finishes silky smooth. This tea can be enjoyed for well over 20 rounds if patient. Be warned- this tea can truly be a life changing experience
Que She
Que She or Sparrow's Tongue is an uncommon Wuyi tea varietal named for its shorter, smaller leaves and is usually the last tea harvested in the season ,being slow growing. Like any fine Yancha each infusion brings out more of the intensity then shifts through subtle sweetness over many infusions.
Narcissus -Shui Xian
A richly floral Oolong with an aroma reminiscent of narcissus flowers and a deep full flavor. The most popular local rock oolong cultivar in Wuyishan. This excellent tea is made from trees more than 100 years old in the Wuyi Mountains. This is a great starting point for people new to Wuyi Oolongs
Gold Rougui (Cinnamon)
A warm and sweet tea with cassia bark aromatics that profoundly captivate you before you even taste the tea. The infusion produces cups of strong amber coloured liquid that fully coats the all parts of the mouth. Helps create a sense of wellbeing and clarity.
Tie Luo Han (iron warrior monk)
Tie Luo Han is believed to be the earliest of the 4 famous Wuyi Oolongs, with historical records back to the Song dynasty.First found in a cave (Gui Dong or Ghost Cave) in Hui Yuan Yan, one of the 99 cliffs of mount Wuyi. Legend states this tea was created by a powerful warrior monk with golden bronze skin, Tie Luo Han-meaning Iron Warrior Monk. This is a strong, rich full bodied tea that will warm your body and energise your mind. Sublime magnificence.
Tie Guan Yin-Iron Goddess of Mercy
This tea is known for its blood sugar balancing and digestive properties .It has an amber-hued liquor with a mild taste yet fully developed aroma. We have traditional and light roasted versions. The traditionally oxidised is more robust and longer lasting - all are settling for the heart and energy fields allowing harmony and compassion.
Sheng Pu'er
We have a range of raw/sheng pu'er to enjoy, from young and fresh up to 50 plus year old teas. We will serve you gongfu style and allowing that most of these teas are very patient give your self at least an hour for each tea to full experience the potential.
Jin Jun Mei
Jin Jun Mei is a red tea from the Wuyi Mountains developed in 2006. It is made exclusively from the buds plucked in early spring The buds are fully oxidised and then roasted to yield a tea that has a robust but sweet flavour with a long after-taste. It fills the palette as a strong tea but has a light influence and uplift. Ours is free from chemicals and very clean and long lasting.
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